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Candide Abstract Essays

Candide Abstract Essays Candide Abstract Essay Candide Abstract Essay Exposition Topic: Candide Candide Voltaire, a French philosophe and essayist, composed this report during the Enlightenment. He delineates his conclusion on numerous Enlightenment thoughts, for example, Leibnizian positive thinking, deism, and strict resistance. He affected numerous individuals, including Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson with his conviction of strict toleration and social equality. His view on sorted out religion likewise affected the French Revolution. One of the Enlightenment sees Voltaire addresses is Leibnizian good faith, or the iew that the world men live in is an ideal world. Everything that happens should occur and all will show up generally advantageous. Voltaire taunts this view by having sad things happen to Candide and different characters in the novel. Pangloss is a portrayal of his view, and regularly hinders different characters from making positive move. One such occasion was when Jacques the Anabaptist was suffocating and Pangloss forestalled Candide from sparing him by saying, the Lisbon harbor was framed expressively for the Anabaptist to suffocate in. Likewise, when Candide was caught under the rubble after the tremor, he demands Pangloss to present to him some oil and wine, anyway the scholar is too occupied with discussing circumstances and logical results. At long last, Candide experiences a slave in Surinam with one leg and one hand. He at last loses his confidence in idealism by saying it is craziness for making statements are well when one is in damnation. Voltaire likewise communicates deism through the city of Eldorado. Deism is the conviction that God made the world, however then left it to run all alone. Eldorado is liberated from wrongdoing and enduring with average correspondence and propelled sciences and arithmetic. Deism is delineated by indicating how this human advancement took advantage of nature and God and turned out to be unbelievably effective. Voltaire is demonstrating the perfect society in Eldorado. At last, Voltaire ridicules sorted out religion. In numerous examples, he shows the affectation of religions. The Old Woman was the girl of the Pope, notwithstanding, the Pope should be abstinent. Likewise, the Catholic Inquisitor was a scoundrel for aving a special lady and the Franciscan monk was a Jewel cheat despite the fact that he should carry on with an existence of neediness. The Catholic Inquisition additionally showed strict mistreatment for a little explanation when they held an auto-da-f?â © after the seismic tremor and endeavored to slaughter Pangloss and flagellated Candide. Notwithstanding, Voltaire doesn't totally censure strict adherents since Jacques the Anabaptist was the most righteous and great character in the entire novel. Candide Abstract By sophiarita366

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Week2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Week2 - Essay Example While the facts confirm that MNEs and IGOs are assuming an exponentially expanding job all inclusive, it can't be acknowledged that they â€Å"are superseding,- - conventional country states as the essential financial and political units of world society† (Author, 3). States despite everything hold their jobs, and secure their personal circumstances: China’s conversion scale approach represents the intensity of the country state. Once more, especially in majority rule governments, appointive issues and vote-bank legislative issues regularly supersede worldwide impulses. The skeptic’s stand that â€Å"globalization is a myth† (Michael, 4) is in like manner unreasonably extraordinary for my reasoning. Cynics compare globalization with â€Å"a superbly coordinated overall economy† (Author, 5). In any case, globalization isn't simply an issue of financial matters, yet in addition interconnectedness in the circles of science, medication, expressions and helpful government assistance. Provincial and nearby force habitats are a lot of a piece of the worldwide system, however these exchanging coalitions and country states are positively not resistant to global weights. Once more, the worldwide weight effectively applied on China on account of the extremist, Chen Guangcheng, shows this point. The transformationalist approach, which finds some kind of harmony between the hyperglobalist and wary schools, claims to me. It acknowledges that â€Å"globalization is a focal main thrust behind the fast social, political and financial changes that are reshaping present day social orders and world order† (Author, 7). It presents that there is up 'til now no â€Å"borderless economy† (Author, 3). Simultaneously, it yields that global organizations can't dodge national guidelines. It underpins my stand that the world isn't yet completely separated nor completely incorporated. Principally because of mechanical advances, the effect of any occasion is felt on life in all pieces of the globe. While the world has not yet become â€Å"a shared social space† (Michael, 3), it is constantly being changed and

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MIT Idol

MIT Idol In a few minutes Ill head over to the committee room to begin Day 7 of selection. Things are going well; for some reason Im enjoying committee this year even more than I have in past years. Maybe thats just what happens as you become a seasoned admissions officer, or maybe you guys are just awesome and inspiring. Probably a combo of the two. In any case, selection committee is a pretty intense exercise as far as the brain is concerned, so when you get home at night, youre not exactly looking to dive into a theoretical physics book. Truth be told, youre looking to do something as mindless as possible. And this is where my American Idol addiction comes in handy (did the women pwn last night or what?). Ive heard that the producers put through the best ~10% and the worst ~10% to Simon, Paula, and Randy the former because they actually have a shot at winning, and the latter for pure entertainment value. Fortunately, our applicant pool is very self-selective so even the bottom 10% is very impressive. But I have to admit sometimes I wish wed get applications from people who have no business applying to MIT to liven up selection committee. (As a guy who is not wired to do science and math, Id be a prime candidate.) While Im rolling with this fantasy, Id also add Simon, Paula, and Randy to our selection committee, and Id also have each applicant apply in person. Because then we could have scenes like this: Randy: Dog, it was just okay for me. You want me to keep it real, right? Alright, it just didnt work. The curriculum was just too big for you. You should have picked classes that you could have actually passed. Paula: You know what? Youre a star. Your handwriting is beautiful, you look great, and I really like you. Im not sure MIT is the place for you, but youre really going to go far in life and have gorgeous kids and save the world. Simon: When you do math in public, how do people generally react? Is this an application to MIT or to pre-school? You are absolutely forgettable. I could go into any middle school and find 6th graders Id rather admit. Paula: Oh stop, it really wasnt that bad. You shine, you know fractions really well. Youre beautiful. Ryan: Would you like to respond to Simon? Applicant: Um, uh, I thought it was okay Simon: You havent taken any math since ninth grade, you failed bio, chem, and physics, and you have a 220 on your math SAT. You know when youre at a wedding and someone has a little too much wine and gets up on stage and tries to integrate? That was you tonight. Crowd: Booooooooo. Simon: Its true. Ryan: If youd like to vote for this applicant, call 888-MIT-IDOL or text MIT on your Cingular phone which is now ATT which was formerly ATT which was formerly Cingular which might be Cingular again in a few months. Randy: DOG POUND! Dog Pound: Woot! [commercial] And on that note, my friends, selection committee beckons.

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Article Reviews on Lois Trester Piano Competition

Lois Trester piano competition is an annual event at the University of Arizona. It is a big event at the institution because by its very nature it is interactive. It is a fun filled bonding session where students from various faculties are united with a common purpose: bonding. Though this is not the main reason why these awards were launched in 2010, the competitions were introduced in honor of a beloved piano teacher called Lois Trester who passed away a few years ago. After Lois Trester’s death, the management in conjunction with the student’s fraternity found it prudent to keep Trester’s memories alive by funding this scholarship in memory of her devoted contribution to the local piano community and TMTA. These awards were the talk of the day by the students who could not ponder over what to expect at such hilarious moment. It was so anticipated that it added zest of the occasion as the much awaited competitions proved worth by the quality of the music that was played by the pianists. The event begun on a high note and there is little doubt that any student will decline the idea of inculcating the event in the annual calendar. This year, the Third Annual Lois Trester Piano Competition took place on April 1st in universities’ Crowder hall. The event kicked off at exactly 3.00pm with superb presentations from students majoring in piano. Among most anticipated performers of the day was Kyung Lee who is a South Korean native but his love piano has seen her traverse several continents both as a student and teacher for opera programs. She gave a debut concert in 2004 during the New Great Pianist Series in Seoul. After the debut, she travelled to America in 2006 to undertake her master’s degree at the University of Northern Iowa. Ms Lee has been of help in helping the students prepare for the event under the guidance of Dr. Kristin Dauphinais. She enrolled for the DMA program in piano performance. The second anticipated performer was Chiew Hwa Pooon a Malaysian native completed her masters of music degree in piano performance at Missouri State University. Currently, she is a first year at the Doctor of Musical Arts degree programs and piano performance at the University of Arizona. She has received several awards incl uding the Yamaha Music scholarship and the Malaysian Youth Festival. She is a qualified teacher who enjoys teaching class piano at the university. In addition to the two teachers, a lot was expected from the contributions of Nathanael Gross who begun studying music at a very tender age. He thus participated in many piano competitions where he won several awards including being the best performer in the Prescott Fine Arts Association’s Most Outstanding Performer. In 2010, he made Beethoven presentations to boys and girls at Central Arizona and he is currently undertaking two courses on piano performance and mechanical engineering. Xi Luo who is an active performer in Beijing was also expected to show her expertise in the Lois Trester Piano competitions. She was the winner of the China Instrumental Competition in 1999. She is a student of Professor Tannis Gibson at the University of Arizona where she is pursuing a master’s degree in music. Among the lucrative prizes awarded to the winners included $ 2,000 which is the ultimate first prize for the winner of the Lois Trester piano competitions. The first runner up was awarded $ 1,000 being the prize for Winifred Knight Price, TMTA while the third was awarded a prize of $ 500. The fourth prize was $ 300 and in the Michael Moore Undergraduate Prize, the winner was awarded $ 1,000. The best audience was awarded $ 100. In 2010, Joo Young Oh scooped the first place and was equally awarded with the audience prize. The second place was taken by Bokyung Park and the third place was granted to Dylan Marney. In 2011 the best prize was taken by Elena Miraztchiyska, there was a tie in the award of the second prize between Chia Chun Ko and Ian Houghton. Works cited Lois Trester Piano Competition. University of Arizona, n.d. web. May 1, 2012. http://music.arizona.edu/News-events/event/163

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Analysis Of The Book Of Mice And Men - 1215 Words

Sam would always sit at the back of the classroom to avoid any teachers picking on him to read or answer a question. He found no purpose to the lessons, even the point of school; it didn’t benefit the students or earn them anything. It was just there to bore the crap out of people. Well, that’s how Sam saw it. But that one school day was not a boring one, it was one that Sam would never forget. One were life for him changed for the worst. That was the day he lost Jacob. It started normally for Sam. He sat at the back with a few other students he never talked to and never wanted to know. It was English, their teacher Miss M Conner was teaching them about an old book written back centuries. The book Of Mice and Men. From what Sam could†¦show more content†¦The lesson that day was about scenes. One scene was about the clearing at the beginning of the book. The question was on the blackboard: How does Steinbeck present the scene at the beginning of the novel? Sam didn’t have a clue. He would’ve if he even read the scene properly. He only read it once, and that was when the whole class had to read it. Luckily for Sam being at the back was like hiding in the shadows, no one noticed him or spoke to him. But still, it didn’t stop the noise from making a home in his head, so unfortunately for him, he had to listen. Miss Conner wrote the question in white chalk on the blackboard which showed faint white lines of where older words were written, the chalk that she used to write was way too small for her and was nearing its end. â€Å"Alright class. This question shouldn’t be hard if you’ve been studying.† Sam sighed at that. â€Å"So then, can anyone tell me how Steinbeck presents this scene?† A few hands from the front shot up. Sam never wanted to know a lot of people, but who couldn’t know about the two popular lovers Elisa and Darren. The two of them were people who had the higher grades than anyone else and surprisingly, not, were a couple. Miss Conner pointed at Elisa. â€Å"Yes Elisa.† â€Å"Steinbeck is describing an inviting scene. ‘Drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green’ shows that it’s filled with bright colours. The green resembles nature which symbolises harmony and growth. He’s trying to make the reader

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Erp Implementation Free Essays

string(47) " time of examinations but throughout the term\." Transforming Education Transforming India LETTER 2012 www. lpu. in Table of Content Introduction to Fatletter Freshmen Induction 2012 Lovely Professional University Campus Terminologies and abbreviations Academics and Examination Fee and Accounts UMS We Value what you say (Student Relationship) Parent Relationship Student Activities Residential Services Health Services Safety and Security Wannabuy Support Services Facilities available outside campus Vendors Details Academic Calender List of Holidays 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 FAT LETTER Introduction to We congratulate you on associating with India’s Largest University1, thereby building an association with a University known for providing Quality Education. We will write a custom essay sample on Erp Implementation or any similar topic only for you Order Now Stepping into a new phase of your life that shall in true sense mould your future in the making of a world class prolific professional, we understand the oddment and dubieties you would be experiencing and therefore to incubate you with the culture, acculturation and academic system of Lovely Professional University, we have provided you with this handbook to guide and counsel you. It contains all the germane information that a student requires while embarking on the professional education at University. We urge you to read this hand book and refer to it throughout your programme. It blankets information about all the aspects of a student’s life – be it academics, campus life, hostel life or the numerous services/facilities provided by the University. It also provides an insight on various extra-curricular activities like cultural, sports, literary, social and creative. Utilize these varied platforms is an easy way to become a part of the University community and thus create one’s own LPU experience. 1 in terms of number of students on a single campus Freshmen Induction Lovely Professional University has taken the initiative of ‘transforming India’ by truly ‘transforming education’ as necessitated by the world in the present scenario. It aspires at enlightening the youth to rediscover the positivism that dwells within them and pursuit them to take a step forward to become a ‘Verto’-the true transformers. LPU purports to become a â€Å"Proudly Indian, Truly global† University thus believing in an exposure that could match the global standards while respecting the traditions and values of India. In order to inculcate you the system of the University, Freshman Induction is planned before the beginning of your professional career with us. â€Å"Freshmen Induction† is a unique attempt that not only introduces the students with the systems of the University but 2012 also precedes them with the varied platforms available in the University for enriching and exhibiting their potential. Your first three days at the University will be devoted for Induction sessions. These Induction sessions will acquaint you with the basic information and knowledge about the University that you need as a student. Events and activities are planned and scheduled in such a manner so as to provide you ample opportunity not only to familiarize you with various aspects of the university but also to interact and mingle with students, teachers and dignitaries of the University. Also you would enjoy various cultural, sports and fun activities during the event. Academics Some Important terms/Terms in use ? Freshman: A student who is registering for the first time for a particular programme in the University will be ‘Freshman’ for that particular programme. Registration Number: It is a unique number allotted to a student on his/her admission in a particular programme. Registration number of a student remains invariant throughout the duration of his programme at the University. Roll Number: It is a number allotted to a student in every term. Programme: It is the area of study leading to the conferment or award of a degree, diploma, certificate or any other academic distinction or title of the University. It shall also include dual degree and integrated programmes. ? Programme Detail: It refers to the scheme and curriculum of a programme. Course: A prescribed set of instructions in a subject offered as a unit of studies within a Programme. Course Detail: It refers to the detailed syllabus of a course. ETE: The examination held at the end of each term by the University. MTE: The examination held in the middle of a term by the University. LTP: It means number of hours of Lecture, Tutorial and Practical of a course per week in a term. Pre-requisites: It refers to conditions that must ? ? Examination ? ? be met before a student can register for a course. Prerequisites can include a specific skill level (e. g. , a minimum of C grade in a specified course) or Pass in a specific course or any other as specified for a course. ? ? ? ? Academic Counsellor: A faculty member who has been assigned the task of providing the course- specific and programme-specific information to a group of students and to advise them on registration related and other academic matters. Continuing Student: A student who has registered for at least one term prior to the current term. ? ? The academia of Lovely Professional University is governed by the rules called â€Å"Academic and Examination Rules for Regular Programmes of Lovely Professional University† which are subject to amendment from time to time as per the discretion of the University. Given below are some of the important points of the rules. After the confirmation of the registration of courses, a student is evaluated on some components. Components of Evaluation The total marks for each course at the end of term will be calculated by adding the marks of following components: ? Attendance ? Continuous Assessment (CA) ? Mid-term examination (MTE) ? End-term examination (ETE) ? Any other, as decided by the University. Attendance Attendance is a vital component of our academic system. An attendance of 75% is compulsory for appearing in the End Term Examination (ETE). deduction of marks or no marks for that particular component. A student is encouraged to prepare the assignments on his/her own and not copy from peers/classmates or directly from the internet because copy cases are dealt with strictly. Continuous Assessment LPU believes in assessing/evaluating the students not only at the time of examinations but throughout the term. You read "Erp Implementation" in category "Papers" We give a student multiple opportunities to perform and to improve his/her performance throughout the term. Under this practice, a student is expected to work on various ‘academic tasks’ e. g. assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, design problems or case studies. The ‘academic tasks’ vary according to the nature of the programme. All these components and their weightages are communicated to the students through the Instruction Plans (IPs) at the start of the term that are available on the UMS. A student is required to make the submissions on or before the stipulated time, failing which leads to the Mid-term examination (MTE) The purpose of MTE is to prepare the students for End Term Examination in terms of structure/pattern of Question paper and time management during the written examination. It is generally conducted in the mid of the term (after half the session is over) and includes approximately 50% of the total syllabus of the course. End-term examination (ETE) These examinations are conducted by the University at the end of term. It includes the examination of all the courses which may be in the form of written examination, practical, viva-voce, presentation or any other prescribed mode of conducting evaluation. Evaluated answer scripts of MTE and ETE are shown to the students on a specified date before the finalisation of awards. The answer sheets are only shown as per the schedule of scrutiny, which is made available on the UMS. In case a student fails to appear on the day of scrutiny, no provision is available for viewing the answer sheets later. Academics Examination System of Evaluation Option 1: Reappear for the course Option 2: Re-register the course To measure a student’s performance for a particular course, the following letter grades are used: Letter A+ A B BC CD E F I S U Grade Performance Outstanding Very Good Good Above Average Average Below average Marginal Reappear Fail Incomplete Satisfactory (For Zero credits courses only) Unsatisfactory (For Zero credits courses only) Grade Points 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 0 0 – LPU generally follows grading system, which is a blend of absolute grading and relative grading. However, in some programmes such as B. Pharmacy etc. arks based system is followed. A Student will be given credits for each registered course and will be awarded grades. For a particular term, TGPA (Total Grade Point Average) will be calculated. Similarly the overall academic performance of a student is measured by CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). Grade â€Å"E† If a student is not able to pass a course and is awarded an E grade, it must be converted to a passing grade (A+ to D) by either of the following options: Option 1: Reappear In this case, there will be a single exam having weightage equal to weightage of ETE and MTE together for a concerned course. Option 2: Re-register the course as a Backlog course In this case a student needs to attend all the lectures, tutorials, practical and fulfil all the requirements of the course in terms of Attendance, CA, MTE and ETE. He/she may register the course in subsequent term(s) when such course is offered. The student may appear for reappear to pass a course in the immediate next three reappear examinations held after the term in which the student has registered the course in which he has obtained re-appear(E Grade), otherwise it will be automatically converted into Fail Grade â€Å"F† and the student has to register it again as a Backlog course. Fees for backlog registration as prescribed by the University will be charged. Grade â€Å"F† If a student is awarded Grade â€Å"F† in a course then he/she has only one option available i. e. to re-register the course as a backlog course. In this case a student needs to attend all the lectures, tutorials, practicals and fulfil all the requirements of the course in terms of Attendance, CA, MTE and ETE. He/she may register the course in subsequent term(s) when such course is offered. Process of clearing backlog courses may lead to an extension of the programme for such students. Improvement: In case student after obtaining the Pass Grade, wants to improve his/her result, he/she will have two options: Summer Workshops, study tours and training programmes Wherever the curriculum requires the students to undertake summer workshops, study tours and certain training programmes (certificate courses) the same will be arranged by the University. The students will be required to pay fees/expenses for the same. Change of Programme A student under exceptional circumstances may be allowed to change the programme on the recommendation of designated authority of the University subject to meeting the conditions for such change. A student can apply for transfer of programme only at the end of academic year. The important guidelines such as dates, process and fee will be notified to the students on the University Management System. Minimum Requirement for award of degree Grade-Based Programmes: The minimum CGPA required for the award of Certificate / Diploma / Undergraduate Degree / Postgraduate Degree is 5. subject to getting a pass grade i. e. a ‘D’ or above grade in each of the courses individually. Marks-Based Programmes: The minimum aggregate marks required for the award of a degree/diploma/certificate will be 45%, subject to passing in each of the courses individually. However, if any regulatory body for a particular programme has imposed stricter conditions which are different from those given above, the same shall prevail. The details of re-appearing or re-registering the course are given under the clause of Grade â€Å"E† and ‘Grade F’. In such cases, best grade out of the previous grade and the current grade will prevail. Promotion condition A student for the Award of a Degree will have to clear all the offered courses. However, there are separate guidelines for promoting a student in the next year. A student has to clear a minimum of 40% of prescribed courses of 1st Year (1st and 2nd term collectively) to get promoted in 2nd Year (3rd Term). A student has to clear a minimum of 50% of prescribed courses of 1st Year and 2nd Year (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th term collectively) to get promoted in 3rd Year (5rd Term). A student has to clear minimum of 60% of prescribed courses of 1st Year, 2nd Year and 3rd Year (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th term collectively) to get promoted in 4th Year (7rd Term). The promotion of a student to a higher (degree/diploma/certificate) in a dual degree program will be subject to satisfy the eligibility criteria as prescribed by the University. However, if any regulatory authority has imposed stricter conditions for promotion in a particular programme, the same shall prevail. Department of Records LPU has a dedicated Department for records. The Department of records facilitates the following services: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Bonafide certificate Character certificate Provision transcript for pass out students Migration certificate for pass out students Original transcript for pass out students Term break certificate for railway concession Term break certificate for visiting abroad Rectification of students records such as name, father’s name, mother’s name, address, contact number, etc. Submission of pending documents Verification and process of State Level Scholarships for ST/SC/OBC/PH, etc Loan specific documents ? ? ? You may visit the help window of Department of Records in Block 32 Room 101 Fee Accounts Online Fee Deposition ? Bank Loan Assistance To facilitate students, the University provides assistance to avail educational loans being offered by various banks like Central Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Punjab National Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, State Bank of Patiala etc. ? The fee is to be paid in the favour of the respective Faculty in which the student has taken admission. For example if a student has taken admission in Engineering then the payment is to be made in the favour of Lovely Faculty of Technology and Sciences. The University provides the facility of online fee deposition. Under this, the University has collaboration with 3 nationalised banks which are State Bank of Patiala, Oriental Bank of Commerce and Punjab National Bank. ? To know more please visit the web link: http://www. lpu. in/student_services/bank_loan_assistance. php To guide the students in this concern, loan cell is operational in the University. A student can seek assistance from this cell through Location: Block 30, Level1 Email: studentloanassistance@lpu. co. in In campus fee Deposition Deposition in campus Banks ? Download the fee deposit slip from University Management System (UMS) Fill the required information in Bank Copy Student Copy. Deposit the fee in â€Å"Pay Fee† mode only in the bank according to the code number of the faculty given below. Obtain the acknowledgment on Student’s Copy from the bank. Submit or fax this copy to University Accounts Office to get the Original Fee Receipt. Account Numbers and Bank Codes for all the Faculties are available on the Website and on UMS. To access please visit the web link: http://www. pu. in/student_services/online_fee_deposition. php SMS LPU has started a new facility for the students and parents to know the upto-date attendance and results through SMS. ? ? ? ? ? For checking attendance, Type ATTEND e. g. ATTEND 91180070013 and send it to +919780036414 For checking grade, Type RESULT e. g. for 2nd term result, Type RESULT 91180070013 02 and for 5th term result, Type RESULT 91180070013 05 and send it t o +919780036414 For checking fee, Type FEE e. g. FEE 91180070013 and send it to +919780036414 ? ? ? Fee can also be deposited directly in the University accounts office located in the basement of Block – 32 UMS Website The University website www. lpu. in contains all the vital information in its various tabs. University Management System UMS navigation will enable you to access following tabulated facilities: SERVICES Announcements Time Table WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THE SERVICE? View information, announcements, and current happenings in the University. View schedule of classes with venue and time details. View aggregate and course wise attendance. View results of the current term as well as ? al CGPA till date. Submit assignments, Term Papers and projects online. View examination date sheet and seating plan. View Instruction plan consisting schedule and content of syllabus to be covered along with text books, reference books, relevant journals and related web links View manual covering list of all the experiments along with guidelines, procedures and expected results. Access li brary related services like book search from the centralized database. Register for Open and Social Science Electives online Forward suggestions, concerns and grievances to higher authorities. Access information regarding placement drives and register for the same. Store and update your pro? le Access information regarding Fee receipts, Accounts statement online Take leave if you are a hosteller. Fill survey and feedback forms to convey your opinions Access information about food kiosks, canteens, stationary shop, Photostat and printer facility, superstore, parlour, salon, computer cafe, boutique, banks ATM, mobile and laptop accessories, laundry , garment shop, sports good shop, shoe store etc. University Management System (UMS)/ Learning Management System (LMS) University Management System is an online portal that provides vital information required by the students in terms of academics, e-notices and other dynamic information to carry out the daily activities without any problem. UMS is a Web Based ERP Software that has been developed to take various university functions on IT backbone. UMS can be accessed through a standard web browser like Internet Explorer 8 / Firefox 3. 5 and above. You can avail the facility through your Registration Number as username and assword given to you at the time of admission. UMS can be accessed: Inside University Campus Outside University Campus https://172. 19. 2. 250/lpuums https://ums. lpu. in/lpuums Attendance Results Assignment/ Term Paper/Projects Examination Plan Instruction Plans Lab manual Library services Open and Social Science Relationship Management System (RMS) Placements Pro? le Fee Status Hostel Leave Online surveys and fee dback Miscellaneous information Note: 1. UMS can also be accessed through the University Website i. e. www. lpu. in 2. You can access this portal as long as your remain to be an enrolled student of the university UMS Smart Phone Application LPU i-touch Now the best ICT enabled university (Ranked in e-India awards 2012) is just a touch away on your smartphone. Access your own University Management System through a single touch called LPU i-Touch. The LPU i-touch can be downloaded from the link: http://itunes. apple. com/in/app/lputouch/id509819753? mt=8 it can also be downloaded from www. lpu. in FOR STUDENTS My Time Table : Access your timetable on the click of a button. Fee Statement : Get latest Fee Invoices and statements. Attendance : Real time attendance updates on your phone. Courses : See the list of courses registered with Section and Roll Number. Announcements : Get latest personalized announcements with file attachments. Result : See your Provisional DMC with Grades. FOR PARENTS Time Table – See the timetable of your ward. Fee Statement – Get Fee Invoices and statements. Attendance – Monitor attendance of your ward in real time. Courses – Check what your ward is studying in the current term. Announcements – Check important announcements from the University. Result – Check result of your ward in real time on phone. Student Relationship Cell WE VALUE WHAT YOU SAY University provides varied platforms to students to present their suggestions, queries, concerns or grievances, some of them are: One to One Interaction In certain cases, student considers it necessary to share his concerns with the authorities in person. He can do so at the Student Interaction Timings fixed for various authorities University facilitates the provision of Interaction with authorities at all the levels. The first point of interaction in all cases, however, will be the Section in charge. The various levels for interaction are: 1st level – Section In charge 2nd Level- Head of Department (HoD) / Co- coordinator of the department (CoD). 3rd Level- Head of School (HoS)/ Coordinator of School (CoS). 4th Level- Dean of Discipline (DoD) 5th Level-Head of Faculty (HoF) Head, Division of Student Affairs (DSA); Office of The Vice Chancellor and then the Office of Pro Chancellor can also be contacted if the issue remains unresolved. The interaction timings of the above said officials can be checked from the UMS under the tab â€Å"Interaction timings with Higher Authorities. † For administrative matters, a student can always approach to the Administrative Office. The details of these offices can be checked from the UMS under the tab â€Å"AO Details† Relationship Management System RMS has been evolved with the objective to facilitate students to share their Issues/ Queries/ Suggestions/ Complaints Feedbacks with the University to obtain solutions and help for remedial measures. The students are advised to use this facility extensively for genuine purposes only. This facility is available in the UMS Navigation under the heading of â€Å"Relationship Management System† and is available round the clock. Suggestion Boxes A student also has the facility to drop his/ her suggestions in writing in the â€Å"Suggestion Boxes† located at 1. Main Gate 2. Division of Student Affairs 3. Division of Admissions 4. Office of the Worthy Pro Chancellor (Reception) (Block 13) (Block 30) (Block 29) Telephone Helpline Students can call at 01824-510311 during office hours (0900-1700). During induction programme, these services are extended till 1900 hours including Sundays and holidays. Students Interaction sessions Whenever any higher authority or any central division appreciates a need to interact with the students, the schedule of such interactions is announced on the UMS Walk in Help Desk Walk in Help Desk located in Division of Student Affairs, Block 13, Room No. 201 is manned by our counsellors from 0900 -1700 (six days a week). The students are always welcome to share their concerns personally. Student Relationship Cell Student Support Windows Regular support windows are available to the students six days a week from 0900 hrs. – 1700 hrs. or handling queries related to mandates and procedures of University as elaborated below: SUPPORT WINDOW Academic Affairs ISSUES RELATED TO SPECIFIC QUERIES Change of Programme Change of Dual/ Integrated Degree Option Migration cases for continuing students Course Registration Backlog registration OE/SSE/Departmental Electives Term Off Login Password of UMS Assignment Uploading/Downloading Wi-Fi Internet Access Any ot her query related to UMS/LMS Fee Inquiry(Term/Hostel/Transportation) Modes of Deposition of Fee – Online – Demand Draft Extension for Fee Payment Verification of Fee/Scholarship Cases Refund/Security/Reimbursement Education Loan Installment Demand Letter LOCATION Block-29 Room No. 404 SUPPORT WINDOW Examination Record ISSUES RELATED TO SPECIFIC QUERIES LOCATION Block 32 Continuous Assessment Date Sheet Seating Plan (MTE/ETE) Room No. 102 Provisional Results (Examination) Re-checking Re-evaluation Reappear Improvement Exam Room No. 01 Scholarship Cases (Record Cell) Submission of Pending Documents Correction in Student Records Character Certificate Migration Certificate Bona Fide Certificate Term Break Certificate ID cards Loan Letters Railway/Bus Forms Documents of UGC approval and Supreme Court’s Notification for AICTE Approval Tie Up letters with the Banks/Loan Letters Placement Policy Upcoming Placement Drives Placement Results Alumni Availing/Quitting th e transport facility Route related queries Bus Pass Room Availability/Allotment Change of room/seater type Leave Policy Laundry service Stay arrangements for Parents Lost Found Fire Safety and Security Vehicle Parking Discipline Related Block-32 Room No. 304 Infotech Block-32 Room No. 102 Accounts Block-32 Room No. 102 Student Career Services/ Placements Transport Block-29 Room No. 301 Residential Services Block-27 Room No. 202 Security Safety Block-27 Room No. 208 Student Affairs TOWARDS HOLISTIC GROWTH Contemplating arduous, enculturation from peers and joining student clubs are often reckoned as the three significant things that are said to be component of the students’ University life. To ascertain the same, the University runs a well-constituted â€Å"Division of Student Affairs†. Excellence in co-curricular and extracurricular activities is encouraged by the opening of avenues for the students to develop a well-round personality. LPU conceives that co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports and recreation activities are an integral part of education. It takes sports and recreational activities very seriously and has the facilities and expertise to affirm this allegiance. It offers innumerable extracurricular facilities and provides varied platforms for students to learn, practice, amuse, enjoy, perform, compete and fruitfully utilise their time. The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) broadly deals with: ? ? Designing activities and delivering these through clubs units Let students pursue their common interests by facilitating them to form Student Organizations for those objectives and thereafter let them manage carry out their activities as an organised body. Various avenues provided to discover, nurture and exhibit one’s potential are: â€Å" Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Cultural Activities Sports activities Community Services Student Organizations Student Employment services Student Entrepreneurship Student Projectss â€Å" Cultural Activities â€Å" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Multiculturalism-nourish the roots of your culture Cultural activities are inseparable part of LPU life. With national level artists among the students, LPU takes pride in hosting the finest cultural activities. Students may use various platforms To learn basic skills in routine activity of respective clubs. To hone skills towards professionalism under proficient instructors in special sessions conducted by clubs. To attend professional workshops under international and national exponents and get selected for participation in AIU/National Youth Competitions. â€Å" The Department of Cultural Affairs runs various clubs which include: Theatre Club Dance Club Music Club Literary Club Fine Arts Club Sports Activities We constantly endeavour physical development of our students along with their intellectual development. Towards it, sporting activity is undertaken by students as a recreation stress buster, competition within university for learning games formal play or honing better skills to represent the University. Sporting Facility is spread in the campus with over 40 playgrounds that are concentrated in four different sports venue with a separate venue for the girls next to the girl’s hostel. Majority of these are located close to the hostel accommodation for convenience of the students. To facilitate sports activities, Department of Sports runs various sports clubs registration for which is open to the students. Club of each game has a number of strings that provide playing facility of playing with players of same level of skills. One game can have as many as 20 strings. Watchful eyes of coaches during routine games afford you an opportunity to move up the ladder of these strings and even become a member of the LPU team. Various clubs running under the Department of Sports are: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Cricket Hockey Football Basketball Handball Volleyball Badminton ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Chess Table-tennis Athletics Yoga Judo Lawn tennis Boxing ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Kabaddi Kho – kho Teakwondo Weight Lifting Power Lifting Softball Baseball A student can pursue sports from amusement viewpoint, can learn basic skills and participate in hostel tournament or hone advanced skills to participate at school level with the probability of selection to be part of the two elite teams for each sport namely LPU-A and LPU-B teams those are continuously nurtured in a professional manner. Cultural and Sports Events Various platforms that are available for cultural and sports activities are as follows: Inter-hostel Competition Intra-School Competitions Inter-school Competition Inter-University Competition Student Empowerment Student Organizations Cell A Student Organization is a student body initiated, managed and run by the students of the University. It comprises of a group of University students associating with each other and sharing and pursuing common interests. These are independent and not related to student Clubs those are entities managed and run by the University administration. A student who feels the need of forming a new Organization can become a promoter and apply for the same by following guidelines given in the ‘Manual for Student Organization’ available on UMS and pursue the case till approval of the Organization. Student Organizations are presently divided for administrative and logistical convenience into seven categories. 1. Academic Education 2. Performing arts I: Dance and Singing 3. Performing arts II: Theatre 4. Social Service 5. Hobbies and Recreation 6. Publication 7. Journalism and Public speaking At present 15 Student Organizations are running under the aegis of Student Organization Cell. Community Services Cell The University believes that the students should understand their social responsibility and help the society, especially unprivileged classes and masses. To act upon this, University organizes activities like Blood Donation Camps, Computer awareness Training Program, Technical Skill up gradation programs, AIDS awareness program and Career Counselling. This cell consists of four verticals namely: 1. National Service Scheme 2. National Cadet Corps 3. Local Engagement Programs 4. Liaison with External Agencies The Community Service Cell is the one of the latest student driven initiatives by LPU. It aims to contribute to the society in a meaningful manner by utilizing the managerial expertise and skills of the students for the benefit of deprived section of society. Community Service Cell is committed to building ties with NGOs, voluntary non-profit organizations, and government institutions and corporate, which act as catalysts for social change. We envision ourselves as offering voluntary services and eliminate the inequality caused due to social, economic, racial, and cultural differences in the society for doing useful social work. Student Employment Cell The Student Employment Services provides opportunities to the students to earn while they are learning through the part-time jobs thus preparing them to shoulder professional assignments with relative ease. Part-Time student employees will be working as Library Assistants, Computer Service Assistants, Data entry Operators, Project/Lab Assistants, Assistant Coaches/Trainers, Campus Guide, Tele-Support / Call Centre Assistant, Career counsellors etc. In Academic year 2010-11 around 200 students were provided opportunities to work as Student Employees. For any further information regarding the above mentioned cells visit Block – 13 (Room-208) Student Project Cell Student Project Cell with its preamble of â€Å"Originative. Creative. Innovative. † and the primary objective of student empowerment is a unique centre of Informal Skill Development where all activities are planned, managed and conducted by the students. It has two functional areas: 1. Student self-initiated projects 2. Lovely Youth Capital Student self-initiated projects: Student self-initiated projects are the projects that are initiated by a student or a group of students. Student Project Cell guide, mentor and facilitate all activities required for the physical realization of the project like formulation of group, segregation of resources- financial, tangible and non-tangible, etc. and conduct of projects. The student self-initiated projects has multi dimensions and covers all the fields of events/ workshops/ seminars/ celebrations/etc. in academic, technical and non-academics as well. Lovely Youth Capital: Lovely Youth Capital (Society for the Promotion of Artistic Culture, Literature, Journalism and Technical Proficiency) is a Society maintained for the promotion of informal accomplishments. The basic objective of the Society is to dig into and explore hidden talent by reaching the unreached students and counsel them realize the talent that persists in them. It has six functional areas: 1. Literature, Journalism and Publications 2. Music, Arts, Dance and Theatre 3. Film Production and Studio Works 4. Rastriya Manak Hindi Bhasha Samiti 5. Technical Proficiency 6. Photography Lovely Youth Capital organizes 20-30 high magnitude open Intra University events in the fields mentioned above every semester. Student Entrepreneurship Projects Student Entrepreneurship is a platform for students to recognize and utilize their skills in identifying opportunities and creating innovation in business. This initiative is about students, their choices and actions in starting, taking over or running a business. This provides opportunity to students to turn an idea into business or a business into successful venture and helps them to build confidence to take risk and taste the independence and self-realization. Various student entrepreneurship projects are entertained under the supervision and guidance of officials and experts in the field. A student or a group of students may submit proposal to open a entrepreneurship venture within University. For getting any information related to cultural, sports other clubs or students Organisations, students are free to walk in to the Division of Students Affairs, Block 13 Room no. 201 or may give a call at 01824-510311. Residential Services The Social life in hostels constitutes an important part of the learning experience on campus. The Hostel is the centre of academic, social, cultural and medical activities. Hostel life provides students with opportunities to interact with each other in harmonious environment which develops respect, cooperation and sense of responsibility. The hostel environment can also help students to discover their talents, increase their emotional maturity, and acquire social skills. All residents of student hostels are members of the hostel community and should actively participate in hostel functions and help to promote an ideal environment. The University provides residential services that has semblance with the peace and comfort of the home. Apart from the basic facilities, University hostels provide: ? available for students. ? Warden. ? Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi system is available free of cost. Common Study Rooms are available in various hostels blocks. Cloak Rooms are available in various hostel blocks. Proper security checks at each hostel for the safety. Online leave process when student check out a massage will forwarded to parents contact number. Bank ATM facility (In campus and hostels) for money transaction is available in Campus. When the Sweepers are cleaning the room you must supervise the cleaning. You can also hand over the keys to the warden for getting it cleaned in case you have a class. Use of electric items like heater, irons, audio players, tea maker and coffee makers etc. are not allowed. 150 units of electricity are free of cost, the unit exceeding 150 are charged, as per actual. The resident shall not remove any fittings from any other room and get them fitted in his/ her room. All resident are required to carry their valid identity cards issued to them by the University. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? RULES: ? Laundry facility with most modern machines is Avoid quarrel or Altercation with the hostel staff. Necessary complaints can be lodged with the Hostel Student Committees The hostel committees are formed to safeguard the best interests of the hostel residents. It is an attempt to enable student’s participation in University affairs. Division of Hostels in order to maintain proper functioning of all of its elements has carved the concept of various Committees each looking at separate issues. It promotes a dual function. On one hand it smoothens the functioning of the hostels while on the other hand it ensures active participation of the students as the authority is delegated to them. There are different committees that are functional in the hostels and hence ensure better functioning of the entire machinery. The various committees are: ? Aim of Hostel Student Committee : The aims of forming Hostel Student Committees are: ? To uphold democratic and egalitarian values and strive towards intellectual excellence. To Involve Students in University affairs. To promote Esprit-de-Corps. To help students discover their hidden skills. To train students in organizing and management of events. To inculcate leadership qualities. Help the management in helping the students. To ensure that the facilities given by the management reach the students. To inculcate the sense of self discipline. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Activities Conduct team: This team will consist of at least one representative for each of the following areas of activities ? ? ? ? ? Academic/ co-curricular Cultural Activities Sports Activities Literary Activities RMS: Iin case you have complaints regarding maintenance of furniture, fixture, cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, electricity, any type of complaint regarding hostel problem etc. the same can be entered online from your laptop and put up to RMS. In case you face any problem during your stay in hostel you can contact Office of the Division of Residential Services, Block – 27 Room No. -202, at 01824- 500888 (0800 hrs – 2000 hrs). ? ? ? ? ? Local Engagement and Entrepreneurship Designing, Decoration and Maintenance Team Marketing, Sponsorship and Publicity Team Discipline, Safety, Security and Medical Team Content Development and Database Management Team Hospitality and Mess management Team ? List of Warden Staff of Boys Hostels HOSTELS BH-1 A B C BH – 2 A B BH-3 A B C BH – 4 A C, D E BH – 5 A B C BH-6A B Staff Resident OFFICE LOCATION 43 43 43 43 43 46 46 46 47 47 51 51 51 52 52 D1D2D3 DESIGNATION Dy Warden (Offg W) Warden Asst. Warden Warden Warden Warden Warden Dy. Warden Warden Warden Dy. Warden (Offg W) Dy Warden (Offg W) Dy Warden (Offg W) Warden Warden Warden E-Mail bh1. a@lpu. co. in bh1. b@lpu. co. in bh1. c@lpu. co. in bh2. a@lpu. co. in bh2. b@lpu. co. in bh3. a@lpu. co. in bh3. b@lpu. co. in bh3. cd@lpu. co. in bh4. ab@lpu. co. in bh4. cde@lpu. co. in bh5. cde@lpu. co. in bh5. b@lpu. co. in bh5. c@lpu. co. in bh6. a@lpu. co. in bh6. be@lpu. co. in staff. residence@lpu. co. in CONTACT PERSON Amit Kumar Gaurav Manjinder Pal Suresh Kumar UP Sharma B. S. Rana Chamkaur Singh Chamkaur Singh Gurpreet Singh Ashok Kr Sharma Tarwinder Singh Davinder Prashar Davinder Prashar Shiv Kumar Gurwinder Singh Rounak Singh Munjinder Pal Singh CONTACT NO. 878426860 9780005942 7508182896 9876015107 9780036433 9780036434 9780036434 8054540426 9915020440 9915710553 9915020442 9915020442 970036529 9501110436 9915020436 9780005942 List of Warden Staff of Girls Hostels New Hostel GH-1 GH-2 GH-3 GH-4 GH-5, A GH-6A GH-6B OFFICE LOCATION 9 10 11 12 21 21 21 DESIGNATION Sr. Warden Sr. Warde n Warden Warden Warden Warden Warden gh6. ab@lpu. co. in gh6. ab@lpu. co. in E-Mail gh1@lpu. co. in gh2@lpu. co. in gh4@lpu. co. in gh5. ab@lpu. co. in CONTACT PERSON J. KNarang J. KNarang Gauri Thakur Usha Batra Reenu Sharma Reenu Sharma Reenu Sharma CONTACT NO. 9876644335 9876644335 9915020444 9915020443 9876740090 9876740090 9876740090 Safety Security Safety and Security Our students are very important and esteemed members of the University. Hence, we are committed to ensure their safety and security during their stay in the campus. To provide students with a safe and secure environment within the Campus, the Division of Security and Safety ensures that:? No student is permitted to use Alcohol, Drugs and Smoke within the University. ? Ragging free environment in the campus. ? Extensive Security Patrolling is carried across the campus by day and night. ? The entire campus is covered by CCTV Electronic surveillance. ? Special and Separate security is provided for Boys and Girls Hostels. A competent Fire staff and Fire Safety measurements are enforced. Security Advice to the Students There are certain measures/ precautions which every student needs to take to ensure that his/ her belongings are safe and there is no loss of property and information. The University cautions students to:? information like ATM pin number s, Bank Account numbers, laptops passwords, cell phone data, RMS account etc. to anyone. ? While using social networking sites, do not disclose any significant information to others. Do not misuse information on the internet. Report any unscrupulous phone calls/ messages from unknown numbers to the Security Office immediately. Wear your UID cards when inside the campus. Lock your hostel rooms and keep all the valuable material like laptop, mobiles and wallets in their personal cupboards duly locked. Do not keep any cash in the rooms and instead avail the Banking/ ATM facility. Do not keep any gold ornaments and other valuables in the hostel rooms. Do not to lend valuable items like Laptops, mobiles etc. to any friend or strangers. Do not disclose your important personal ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hostel Security Issues The students are advised to first approach their Hostel Warden Staff for any assistance. If the problem still persists, then he/ she should contact the nearest Security Office. The Campus Security Issues The students are advised to first approach their Academic Block AO for assistance. If the problem still persists, then he/she should contact the Main Security Office. All complaints will have to be given in writing to the Security Office. Students Entry and Exit from the University For better management of discipline and traffic within the University, Students Entry/Exit will be controlled from Main Gates 1 A, 1 B and 1 D only. Main Security Numbers: Security Office Gate 1 A Gate 1 B Gate 1 D Reception Gate 1 A Fire Safety Office 01824-500857 01824-501211 01824-510100 01824-501212 01824-510109 01824-510312 IMPORTANT SECURITY OFFICIALS Sr. SO Security Sector -1 DSO ASO SO Security Sector – 2 ASO ASO ASO 98784-26874 97800-36409 97800-36406 97800-36458 75081-83817 97800-36430 97800-05947 CSO CSO 97800-05945 Security Sector – 3 4 Sr. SO DSO ASO ASO 98766-44331 97800-36402 97800-36426 97800-36423 Health Services Campus Hospital Round-the-clock access to comprehensive primary health care services is available within the campus. The University Hospital is: ? Run and managed under the guidance of qualified and experienced doctors. ? Supported by multidisciplinary staff comprising of resident medical officers (RMOs), specialists, physician assistants, medical lab technologists, nurses, dietician, psychologists, physical therapists, health educators, and administrative and technical personnel. ? Backed by a modern diagnostic centre ? Fully-equipped with dedicated ambulances to facilitate swift medical service in case of any emergency. Services Provided ? 24 hour Chemist Shop (24x7x365) ? Medical Consultation and Day Care Admission ? Medical Lab Investigations (Blood, Urine, etc. ) ? Oxygen Nebulization ? Free ambulance service for shifting emergencies within or outside the campus ? Clinical laboratory for various investigations Facilities available ? General Medicine ? General Surgery ? Eye Consultation and Eye Testing ? Dental Consultation and Procedures ? Gynae Consultation ? ENT Consultation ? Ayurvedic Consultation ? Psychological Consultation Physiotherapy Clinic ? The Physiotherapy clinic at LPU campus offers effective rehabilitative treatment to the patients, from within and outside the University, by specialized physiotherapists in 12-bedded OPD. This clinic is fully equipped with latest high quality electro diagnostic and electrotherapeutic modalities made for the treatment for common problems like: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Arthritis Back Pain Knee Pain Slipped Disk Cervical and Lumbar Spondylitis Sports Injuries and many more Counselling and Psychological Support System (CAPSS) Health Services In case of any emergency during college hours a student can approach Administrative officer of his/ her school for medical assistance. In case a student is in hostel and requires medical assistance the warden can be approached. For availing ambulance facility a student can call 01824-501227 or 01824-501223. Alternatively, Resident Medical Officers (RMO) can also be contacted at: RMO I RMO II RMO III RMO IV RMO V 9878426880 9780036450 9780036429 9876015109 9872027634 The University offers CONFIDENTIAL and FREE professional counselling and psychological support to our students. Counselling/ Psychological support is kind a professional relationship between a trained/ well qualified Psychologist and a client, in which special assistance is provided to the client to deal with their behavioural concerns/ issues/ conflicts/ problems. CAPSS is focusing on timely help to the students to ease their psychological distress. By utilizing our services, students can learn to manage their personal problems and situational crises effectively, and can learn strategies to cope with academic stress and develop self-awareness, personal responsibility and skills for lifelong learning. Certain signs to watch out for, where you may need CAPSS Services ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Feeling homesick. Not able to manage with your work load and time. Feeling lonely and sad. Experiencing problems in relationships. Unprovoked anger and hostility. Feelings of inferiority. Feeling helpless or hopeless. Despite best efforts unable to adjust. Feeling stressed up most of the time. Deterioration in quality of work. Often feels shy and self-conscious. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Feeling no sense of belonging. Thoughts about harming your own self or others. Feeling lack of concentration and confidence. Excessive fatigue and sleep disturbances. Experiencing constant anxiety, irritability or tearfulness. Lack of communication skills. Don’t have any life goals or aims. Lack of self-control etc It is normal if you ever face any of the above mentioned signs. We all go through such phases in our lives when we feel that we are not equipped enough to help ourselves on our own. In such cases â€Å"IT IS WORTH TO SEEK HELP . † SERVICES OFFERED ? ? ? Individual counselling: It is one where one to one interaction is held between you and a psychologist; you get an opportunity to express out your concerns freely and to discover ways to implement positive solutions. Group counselling: It is one where a common concern of more than one student is taken care of for their better performances. Psychological Testing: It helps you to assess your aptitude, interest, I. Q. levels and other behavioural traits which can be put to optimum use of decision making for better future concerns. ? ? ? Consultation with CAPSS to get advice about how to handle minor conflicts with others related to hostels or classes and for getting someone to CAPSS. Psychiatric/Clinical helps at times when medications are helpful in treatment of psychological distress. Services of a Psychiatrist are provided to evaluate the need for medication. Workshops As per the demand of students CAPSS also provide workshops and training on timely psycho-educational topics. CAPSS services are opened from 9 AM to 8 PM in Campus Hospital Campus Hospital Location, Block 8. Apart from hospitals within the campus, the other hospitals in Jalandhar are Guru Nanak Mission Hospital, Patel hospital (backside hotel Skylark), Satyam hospital, kidney hospital, Tagore hospital, NMR scanning care, Mann scanning care, BS Diagnostic lab (near APJ School), Vikram Sood for skin. In Phagwara some good hospitals are Gandhi hospital, Civil hospital. We strongly encourage our residential students to refer the campus hospital first instead of going to hospitals outside. The details of the RMO’s, timings of the specialists and their contact numbers are given on the UMS under the tab â€Å"Campus Hospital†. STUDENT Uni-Center Student Uni-Center (a Shopping Mall) is of 20 sq feet in area with 7 stories/floors, where one can shop all his/her daily needs under one roof itself. Student Uni-Center is a shopping mall within the university campus that is blending in a modern, cutting edge shopping experience with the irresistible charm for the brands and services it offers. The Student Uni-Center basically provides various facilities under one roof. It has Lovely Wannabuy, an undertaking of a Lovely Corporations and various other brands hood under various heads. Level wise briefing of the Student Uni-Center Lovely Wannabuy have following sections under it which will make you shop anything or everything under one roof. Following are the sections: Other Facilities: Recharge Facility and ticket bookings: It includes mobile recharges and air/bus/railway reservations. Flexi- Payment Facility: You can pay either by Cash or Swapping Credit/Debit Cards of any Bank. Banking Facility: State Bank of Patiala and Bank of India are operational in the Mall itself. ATM Facilities: There are a number of ATM outlets of different Banks, SBP Bank Of India, Orient , Bank of Commerce. Visum This particular section is related to ocular where you can find frames, shades, lenses and for each category huge variety is available. This section deals in Mobiles, their sale/ purchase only. This section of Unicentre is dealing in providing fast moving consumer goods that will cater your daily needs like food items, non-food items, and beverages. Sports items under Mascot section and Stationary items like pen, markers, notebook, diaries, variety of colors etc. under offprint This covers Women Cosmetics. WigiTech NextDoor Level 1 Level 2 Lovely Wannabuy Shops related to Mobiles (sale/ purchase repair), Accessories, Banks (Bank of India, State Bank of Patiala) and Handloom Shops related to Apparels (Men/ Women) Fitness Center In future we are planning to open a food court MassCott and Offprint Cultus Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 6 RoostCentre This deals in the furnishing items like bed sheets, pillow covers etc. Household Items It includes crockery, dinner sets, different types of mugs and utensils. Support Services Eating Shopping Banks Post Office A full-fledged post office has been opened at the University campus by the postal department of Govt. of India to cater to all relevant needs of students and staff like Mail , Parcel , Speed post , Money transfer , Banking Services etc. LPU houses a Campus Cafe and a number of other eating joints offering delicious food and superior services. Other facilities available in the Campus are Parlour/ Salons (separate for boys and girls), Boutique, Sports goods shops, Shoes shops, Computer cafe, Book stores, Stationery cum tuck shops, Photoshop and printer service, Laptop, mobile and other accessories shops etc. The University offers extensive banking services within the campus premises. There are fully functional branches of following banks in the University Campus: Name of Bank State Bank of Patiala Punjab National Bank Oriental Bank of Commerce Bank of India Location Block 15 Block 4 Block 2 Block 15 Timings 10 AM 4 PM 10 AM 4 PM 9:45 AM4:45 PM Ph. No. 97795-86338 01824-241315 01824-502360 10:00AM01824-240840 4:00 PM A Student requires the following to open a bank account: ? Account Application stamped by HoD/A. O/Warden. ? Two Passport size current photographs ? Campus Identity Card ? Any one Identity Proof like License, Ration Card, Voter Card etc. Eating Shopping Joints in Campus Canteens Campus Cafe-Block-2 GH-1 Hostel Shopping Complex GH-3 Hostel Shopping Complex Block-26 Terrace Block -27/28 Terrace Block -28/29 Terrace Food Court cum staff dining Hall(Block-32 Level-1) GH-5 Hostel Shopping Complex BH-1 D3 Level-2 Food Court Ice-Cream Block 1 Campus Cafe-Block-2 Block 2 Parking Architecture Block Polytechnic Block Central Point LPU Near Block 28 Food Court Level-1 Block-32 LPU Between Block-32/33 Near GH-5 Near LSB Near LIE BH-1 D3 Food Court BH-2 Near BH-2 Book Shop Near Campus Cafe (Block-2) Photocopier LIM LIT Basement Architecture Building at level-4 New Architecture Building Polytechnic Block-6, Room No. 206 GH-1 Hostel Shopping Complex Media-Block-14 Block-16 at level-1 Block-26 at level-2 Block-27 at level-2 Block-28 29 at level-1 Block-30 (CAD level-1 3) Food Kiosks Block 1 Block 2 Parking Near Campus Hospital Central Point Between Block-26/27 Block-28/29 Near Block-33 Block 14 LIE BH-2 Stationary-Cum-Tuck GH-1, Hostel Shopping Complex LSB block-20 LPU Block-26 LPU Block 28 LPU Block 33 LPU Block-34 GH-5 Hostel Shopping Complex Block-33 at level-1 Block-34 at level-1 GH-5 Hostel Shopping Complex LSB3 at level-2 LIE at level-1 BH-1 (C) near Warden Office BH-2 (A) near Mess BH-4 (C) near Entrance BH-5 near Wardens Office Fruits/Juice Shop Block 2 Parking Central Point Block-26/27 BH-2 Eating Shopping Joints in Campus Computer Cafe GH-1 Hostel Shopping Complex LPU-28 GH-5/6 Mobile, Service and Accessories LIT Parking Central Point BH-2 Super Store Near Campus Cafe (Block-2) Laundry Collection and Delivery Counters BH-1 D3 Laundry BH-2 (A) GH-1 Hostel Shopping Complex GH-3 Hostel Shopping Complex GH-5 Hostel Shopping Complex Parlour/ Saloon GH-1 Hostel Shopping Complex GH-5 Hostel Shopping Complex Boys saloon (BH-1 A Block) BH-2 (A) near Mess Boutique Boutique (GH-1 Hostel Shopping Complex) Garments/Uniform/Shoes Ready made Garments (Beside Auditorium) Above Super Store Tracer’s Show Room (Near Architecture Building) Bank /ATM Near Campus Cafe LIT LIT level-2 GH-1 Hostel Shopping Complex LPU Shopping Mall LPU shopping Mall (Block-15) (Shop No. 208-209) Block-31/32 LPU Blocks, BH, LSB, GH LIT parking GH-5 Hostel Shopping Complex BH-1 BH-2 News Papers Between Block-26/27 Near LSB Courier/Speed Post Services Near Campus Cafe Block-27 at level-1 How to Reach us? Once you decide to get here, you’ll find that Jalandhar is extremely accessible from just about any destination. It is easily accessible by road as well as rail; well connected with Delhi and Amritsar, both cities being equipped with International airports. Main trains from Delhi to Jalandhar are Shatabdi, Jammu Tawi Express, and Rajdhani etc. 0 km from Chaheru Railway Station 3 km from Municipal limits of Jalandhar City 5 km from Phagwara 7 km from Phagwara Railway Station 7 km from Jalandhar Cantt Railway Station 15 km from Jalandhar City Railway Station 41 km from Hoshiarpur 45 km from Ludhiana City 80 km from Amritsar City 112 km from Pathankot 130 km from Chandigarh 219 km from Jammu 350 km from Delhi KAPURTHALA NAKODAR AMRITSAR JALANDHAR BAIN BRIDGE VILL MEHARU LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY G. T. ROAD JAMMU PATHANKOT HOSIARPUR CHAHERU RAILWAY STATION CHAHERU RAILWAY BRIDGE NATIONAL AIRPORTS Sahnewal Airport, Ludhiana Chandigarh Airport, Chandigarh VILL HARDASPUR PHAGWARA NURMAHAL BANGA NAWANSHAHR CHANDIGARH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS Raja Sansi International Airport, Amritsar Indra Gandhi International Airport, Delhi GORAYA TEMPERATURE The temperature in the District has the flavours of both summers and winters. Being a resident of Jalandhar ,a student can enjoy the variation in weathers Month March – July August- October November- February Max Temperature 44 degree Celsius Moderate 13 degree Celsius Necessities Umbrellas, Cotton Clothes Umbrellas, raincoats, cotton clothes etc. Woollens, Warmers, Socks and Shoes PHILLAUR LUDHIANA G. T. ROAD AMBALA DELHI (Not to Scale) Jalandhar LPU About Jalandhar Jalandhar is a city in Jalandhar District in the state of Punjab, India. It is located 144 km northwest of the state capital, Chandigarh. It was known as Prasthala at the time of the Mahabharta and as Jullundur in British times. Jalandhar is another name of Lord Shiva. Jalandhar city is famous for international sports market, surgical goods and leather tool pouches. About Phagwara Phagwara is a city and a municipal council in Kapurthala district in North India, in the central part of the Punjab. The city is internationally recognized because a large amount of NRI (Non-resident Indian) population belongs to this city. Phagwara is the main industrial centre in the Kapurthala District because of its good location on the national highway. This city has many different types of manufacturing industries, the main ones being textiles, auto components, machine tools and agricultural implements as well as agriculture services. About Amritsar Amritsar historically also known as R md spur and colloquially as Ambarsar) is a city in the north-western part of India. It is the spiritual center for the Sikh religion and the administrative headquarters of the Amritsar district in the state of Punjab. It is home to the Harmandir Sahib (referred to as the â€Å"Golden Temple† in the western media), the spiritual and cultural center for the Sikh religion. This important Sikh shrine attracts more visitors than the TajMahal with more than 1, 00,000 visitors on week days alone and is the most popular destination for Non-resident Indians (NRI) in the whole of India. The city also houses the Sikh temporal and political authority, Akal Takht, as well as the Sikh Parliament. The main commercial activities include tourism, carpets and fabrics, farm products, handicrafts, service trades, and light engineering. The city is known for its rich cuisine and culture and for the tragic incident of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919 under British Rule. Amritsar is home to Central Khalsa Orphanage, which was once a home to Shaheed Udham Singh, a prominent figure in the Indian independence movement. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, has more than 100 domestic and international flights during the week with daily connections to Delhi, Chandigarh, and Jammu in India and international flights to London Heathrow, Doha, Ashgabat, Tashkent, and Toronto. The city is also close to Lahore Airport on the Pakistani side of the border, but has no direct flights to Lahore. About Ludhiana Ludhiana (also Ludhyana) is a city and a municipal corporation in Ludhiana district in the Indian state of Punjab. It is the largest city in the state, with an estimated population of 1,613,878 in 2011. The population increases substantially during the crop harvesting season due to migration of laborers from states like Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and Delhi. It has an area of about 310 km?. The city stands on the Sutlej River’s old bank, 13 km south of its present course. It is a major industrial center of northern India. Ludhiana is a well-known NRI district of Punjab with a large population living abroad in Canada, and the U. S. Ludhiana is famous for Industrial goods, Machine parts, Auto Parts, house hold appliances, hosiery and garments. Ludhiana is Asia’s largest hub for Bicycle manufacturing and produces more than 50% of India’s bicycle consumption of more than 10 million per annum. Ludhiana also produces 60% of India’s Tractor parts and a large portion of Auto and two-wheeler parts. Many parts used in German cars like BMW and Mercedes are exclusively produced in Ludhiana to satisfy the whole world requirement. It is one of the largest manufacturers of Sewing Machines. Hand tools and precision industrial equipment is another specialty. In the Hosiery industry Ludhiana is famous all over India for its Woolen sweaters and cotton t-shirts. In fact most of the top Indian woolen brands like Monte Carlo are based in Ludhiana Academic Calendar for session 2012-2013 (For all Full Time Programmes except B Pharmacy and Programmes offered in LFAD ,Education and Physical Education ) AUTUMN TERM (Term I) Two week pre-term for freshmen of MBA(Honours) Induction of Freshmen and start of classes Evaluation of Summer Training for continuing Engineering students (wherever such training is applicable ) e. g. Batch 2009 – B Tech, B Tech-M Tech and B Tech-MBA ) Evaluation of Summer Training for continuing students of the Discipline of Management (wherever such training is applicable; including Commerce and Economics; and also students of programmes integrated with MBA e. g. B Tech. -MBA, B Pharm. -MBA etc. ) Commencement of classes for all continuing students Registration for backlog courses Commencement of Classes of freshmen of M. Phil. and Ph. D. programmes Last date for applying for reappear examination for immediate previous even term courses* Announcement of reappear exam schedule for immediate previous even term courses Mid Term Examination (MTE) Resumption of Classes after MTE Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan and Expo Inter School Cultural Festival Term Break for students Completion of Advance Registration for Elective courses (dept. electives, spl. Electives, OE SSE) for Spring Term (Term II) of session 2012-13 Last day of classes End Term Examination ( ETE ) Winter Vacation for students Scrutiny of answer books (Term I 2012-13) by students Commencement of Classes of Term II of Session 2012-13 2012-13 W-Tu , 25 July-Aug 07,2012 M-M ,30th July-13th Aug,2012 M-W, Aug 06-08, 2012 M-W, Aug 06-08, 2012 Th, Aug 09, 2012 F-Sa, Aug 10-18, 2012 M, Aug 13, 2012 Sa, Aug 18, 2012 Tu, Aug 28, 2012 M-Tu, Oct 01-09, 2012 W, Oct 10 ,2012 Th-Su,Oct 11-14,2012 Sa-Su, Oct 20-21, 2012 M-W, Nov 12-14, 2012 Sa , Nov 10, 2012 Tu, Nov 27, 2012 Th-Sa, Nov 29 – Dec 22, 2012 M-Th, Dec 24 – Jan 03, 2013 F-Sa, Jan 04-5, 2013 M, Jan 07, 2013 Immediate previous even term courses would mean: For a 2006 batch (who took admission in 2006) student it would mean courses of term 12 Fo How to cite Erp Implementation, Papers

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Religious Bias Essays - Prophets Of Islam, Religion, Paranormal

Religious Bias Bias is a feeling or thought that is created with the person's feelings and not facts. When people explain their bias, they usually try to get others to think the same way they do. Because of this, we are sometimes subjected to a close minded way of thinking. This is seen more often than not in our everyday lives. We find bias in the media, textbooks, and especially from the people around us like parents and teachers. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are three widely followed religions. Since so many people dedicate their lives to these belief systems, there is surely room for personal interpretation somewhere. The father of all three belief systems is Abraham and they all claim a bloodline to him. The first of the three was Judaism, which was founded in the Middle East over 5000 years ago by a man named Moses. Something important we got out of Judaism was the Ten Commandments, which are also used in Christianity and were brought down from Mount Sinai by Moses. This is a list of wishes from God that Christians and Jews must follow throughout their life. Judaism was the foundation for Christianity. Christianity was founded by Jesus in Palestine over 2000 years ago. Jesus was Jewish and spoke aramaic. The religion did not become popular until about 400 years after Jesus died. Although the religion is branched from Judaism, the rules of Christianity we see today are more related to Paul's understanding than how they were originally. For example, the reason there is such a small amount of dietary laws is because Paul told the people of Rome that Jesus came to him in a dream and said his people were allowed to eat whatever they pleased. When in reality, it was just so more people would join the religion. Lastly, Islam was Founded by Muhammad in Mecca, Saudi Arabia around 1400 years ago. In Islam, they follow the five pillars which are, Declaration of Faith, prayer, fasting, charity, and Pilgrimage. These were created to let a Muslim person know how to live thei r life. Teachers and textbook authors can affect how we see the world by how they explain certain parts of it. Both the author and Jae promote ideas about Moses that aren't completely accurate. The author suggests that Jesus, the founder of Christianity has done more honorable deeds opposed to Moses, the founder of Judaism by the kind of language he uses to describe each person. Although the leaders of both religions have done noble things, the author only recognizes Christianity. He doesn't directly say that Moses didn't do great things, but he does imply it by saying it for one man and not the other. For example, Beck says that Jesus "did good works" (Beck 153) the use of the word good here and not when talking about Moses could create opinions or feelings about Judaism that aren't completely backed up. Regular language is used throughout the whole section about Judaism for the man who led the Hebrews out of slavery. Jae suggested that Moses was angry with his people after they lost faith in him, which is more of an opinion than a fact. He says Moses was, "u pset they were worshiping something other than him". Referring to when the Jewish people began following a golden calf. By saying this, he was painting a description of a selfish Moses in our head that wasn't necessarily correct. Although Moses's followers did in fact give up on him, there's no proof that he was angry about it. While talking about Christianity, Beck and Jae use words to describe the traditions and history of the religion in ways that aren't fair. While speaking of the other two belief systems, Beck doesn't speak of the people in those passages as highly as he does with the people in Christianity. For example, " Jesus gathered twelve special disciples" (Beck 137). Although these people may be important to the history of the religion, not everyone thinks nor is it a fact that they are special. They may have been special to Jesus since he did choose them, but the author gives no evidence as to why they